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5 ways polished plaster can be used in hotels

Polished plaster is a mixture of lime putty and natural stone dust, which when polished, mimics the appearance of solid stone like marble or limestone.

Because each plaster mix is unique, no two applications appear the same. This makes it a great choice for hotels who want something different. If you’re interested in something like that for your hotel, here are 5 ways polished plaster can be used in hotels:

Reception area

The reception area of a hotel is its tone setter. It is here where paying guests get a real sense of the experience they are about to have.

To evoke a luxurious first impression, polished plaster is perfect. In high-end hotels, it creates a real sense of prestige, and in lower-end hotels, it helps lift the reception room beyond that which wall paint or wallpaper can.


Forget tiles and stone slabs. For a show-stopping bathroom, polished plaster is a great choice because it has no gaps or seams. This enables you to create solid walls which appear to be made from solid stone.

Worried about water? Don’t be. Polished plaster is sealed with a wax to make it 100% waterproof and there are synthetic plasters which are waterproof by default. Wet areas are no problem, so don’t be afraid to give it a try.


Hotel bars are often used by hotel guests and non-guests. They have to be enticing to attract big spenders and keep them there. Polished plaster makes for beautiful decoration on all walls, or just as a bar backdrop.

Polished plaster is also very easy to keep clean and it is very durable, ensuring spilled alcohol, food and wear and tear becomes a non-issue. Polished plaster comes alive under artificial light too, giving you the ability to switch things up on a night.

Bedroom featured walls

Polished plaster can be tinted any colour with natural or artificial pigments to create bedroom feature walls that really pop. The unique marbling of polished plaster also gives each room a sense of exclusivity and prestige.

Whether you want to create feature walls which reinforce your brand colours or feature walls that convey meaning (such as red for passion), you can. There are no limitations with regards to design or the level of polishing, which means you can have a gloss, satin or matte feature wall finish. The choice is yours.


Different types of artwork can come alive with different backdrops. We have seen in art galleries how a simple change of colour can work wonders for landscapes, and how interesting textures can bring abstract art to life.

Polished plaster can be used as a backdrop for artwork to help individual pieces flow or stand out. If you have lots of art in your hotel (perhaps wall paintings, or sculptures) you can use polished plaster to make them pop.

We are experts in decorative finishes and specialist plastering techniques. Contact us to discuss polished plaster solutions for your hotel.

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