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Commercial establishments suited to polished plaster, and how it can be incorporated

Whatever type of business you run, you want to stand out as being higher quality than your competitors. The way you present your premises is a big part of this. This is why commercial establishments from a wide variety of industries are considering polished plaster as part of their décor.

Why choose polished plaster?

Polished plaster is the ideal substance for commercial environments. It offers a beautiful, luxurious appearance, as well as being a strong and highly durable material. It also has a high-quality finish which will last for many years into the future. Originally designed as a lighter alternative to marble, it is similar in appearance and offers the same feeling of quality in your commercial establishment.

You can also customise the appearance of polished plaster to suit your tastes, as it can be tinted using colourants or pigments. This means you can achieve contrasting effects in different areas of your premises for a unique look.

Which commercial establishments should consider polished plaster?

Polished plaster is suitable for a wide variety of environments. Some of the main industries where it is being used to great effect include:

1. Hotels

Polished plaster brings a touch of opulence to a hotel reception area. It can be used to create a high-gloss, high-quality finish on walls and ceilings, and also to sculpt a unique reception desk. It’s the perfect way to welcome your guests and let them know they can look forward to a luxurious stay.

You can also use it in other areas of your hotel, including the bar, restaurant and spa, to create a theme throughout your establishment.

2. Bars and restaurants

High-end bars and restaurants are ideal environments for polished plaster. It is strong and hardwearing, so it makes financial sense to use a material that will maintain its appearance for a long time. It is also relatively quick and easy for a professional to repair should any cracks or chips occur.

In addition to the walls and ceilings, polished plaster can be used to create a standout bar top, letting your customers know your establishment is a cut above the rest.

3. Swimming pools and gyms

As polished plaster is sealed with a special wax, it is a non-porous surface. This means it is ideal for use in wet areas such as swimming pools and gyms. It can be seen to great effect in hotel spas wanting to offer their customers a more refined fitness experience. It can also be used in more relaxing areas of the spa such as the walls and ceilings of massage rooms and hairdressing salons, letting your customers feel more pampered and valued than ever before.

4. Museums and galleries

Polished plaster is easy to sculpt into a variety of decorative shapes. This makes it a perfect material to use if you want to create effects such as archways and columns or detailing on ceilings. It is also easy to maintain. The surface itself is sealed, so to clean the walls all you need is a damp cloth to wipe them down.

This works extremely well in settings which are aiming for a period feel, such as museums and galleries. Visitors are transported back in time by columns and archways which look as if they’ve come straight out of ancient Rome, or ceiling adornments reminiscent of Victorian Britain. Polished plaster can help achieve the perfect look.

5. Offices and boardrooms

When you really want to impress your clients, polished plaster is the perfect way to do so in an office environment. From the walls and ceilings in reception to decorative features in the boardroom, this versatile and durable material can be put to endless uses in a corporate or high-end office environment.

With the ability to change the colour of polished plaster, you can achieve a contrast between your walls and your ceilings, all with a lustrous appearance which creates the impression of more space.

Find out more about polished plaster in commercial settings

At Chrysalis, we have produced a huge variety of effects using polished plaster in hundreds of different commercial premises. If you would like to find out more about the ways it can be used within your industry, please contact us on 0113 258 0387.

Our specialist team of advisers are always happy to discuss your individual requirements or provide advice about the many ways you can use polished plaster to impress your clients in your commercial environment.

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