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Commercial uses for Archi concrete

Archi concrete is a special plaster perfect for creating the industrial look so popular with bistros, restaurants and quirky shops. It is a mineral plaster that mimics industrial concrete in a very convincing way. It is made from lime putty, white cement, aggregates like crushed stone, and rheological modifiers to prevent sedimentation of pigments in the mix. The result is a smooth plaster that appears to be concrete.

The appearance of Archi concrete depends on how it is mixed. It is possible to create an authentic grey cement effect on walls and ceilings with a good amount of white cement, or we can dye the cement to give it a different colour.

We can change the texture and colour distribution of the finish by altering the amount of fine or coarse aggregates. Coarser means rougher, fine means smoother. Smoother cement is better if you want a polished finish.

Because it is based on lime putty, application of Archi concrete is similar to a standard plaster, with the same application technique. However in our experience there is even less room for error than with Marmorino stucco. The product must be applied professionally to be flawless and mimic the appearance of concrete.


This is where Archi concrete comes into its own. You know those concrete blocks you might have seen on restaurant walls? There’s a good chance they are actually made from Archi plaster applied over a normal substrate (surface or bottom layer). The product can be applied to most existing surfaces without extensive preparation. This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications and building types.

Archi concrete looks beautiful because every plaster mix is unique. No two mixes are ever the same which is why each section of wall is different. You will find the grain of Archi mimics real concrete perfectly. The difference is Archi concrete doesn’t crumble easily, nor is it prone to cracking. It is a very hardy material.

This makes it perfect for commercial spaces with high use. Restaurants and bistros are prime examples, as are retail stores and those beautiful converted mills a lot of boutique retailers are moving to now. The elegance of the product is such that it fits in anywhere, whether a space is traditional, modern or eclectic.


You can extend the use of Archi concrete beyond walls to the ceiling. Ceilings can quite often bear the weight of Archi concrete, but plasterboard may need to be reinforced. It depends on the application. We recommend you speak to an expert at Chrysalis for further advice.

One of the most popular uses or Archi concrete on ceilings is to use a lighter colour than on the walls to brighten up a space without losing the industrial look. With good lighting, light can bounce off the ceiling and the Archi concrete can be shown off in all its glory. This is the best way to use this material in tight or confined spaces.

We can also paint the concrete to give it a unique finish. For this, we would use a special Asian paint specifically designed to bring out the detail of Archi concrete. The aim here isn’t to cover the finish, but to bring it out with a top coat. The finish can be smooth or rough and that applies to both a painted and unpainted surface.

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Archi concrete is a specialised product only a few companies know how to work with. We are one of them. If you have an idea about how you want a space to look but aren’t sure how to achieve it then we can help. Contact us now to get started.

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