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Consider a concrete finish for your reception area refurbishment

Concrete is no longer being used as just a flooring material. Interior designers adore concrete for its textured surface and neutral colour.

Concrete finishes are also fire and water resistant, breathable, and extremely durable, which makes them highly suited to commercial spaces like restaurants, bars, shopping malls and even swimming pools and gyms.

Reception areas also are prime candidates for concrete.

Oftentimes, reception areas can be a drab place to be, which is no way to welcome customers through the door or mark the start of a company for employees. Which is why many businesses who refurbish their reception area are looking for unique, interesting ways to make their space a little bit more special.

Which leads us onto concrete.

Concrete has long been the material of choice for floors in high-wear areas, like garages, industrial warehouses and even outside. But it’s a far more beautiful material than you would think when applied in a way that brings out texture.

When wet, concrete can be manipulated to alter the surface texture in virtually any way. You can score it, drag it and pit it to create random or directional patterns that give it the appearance of worn or rustic concrete.

As an aesthetic enhancement, decorative concrete works exceptionally well indoors. On walls, it is also brilliant for hiding imperfections, making it a good choice if your walls aren’t in a particularly good condition.

By introducing this neutral material to a reception area, you have the opportunity to create an interesting space for clients and employees.

As the centre piece

Concrete has a matted, texturized surface which catches light in interesting ways. It makes the perfect backdrop for artwork and décor. If you’re looking to create a feature wall without the wallpaper or paint, there’s no finer way. Concrete is industrial in appearance but lends itself just as well to eclectic spaces.

As the key feature

Of course, concrete can be applied to all the walls in a reception area. This creates a continuous theme which many businessowners like. It creates a rustic feel that’s particularly popular in creative spaces. It’s best paired with a softer floor, like a neutral carpet but looks just as good with wood or tile.

Because concrete is durable, hard-wearing and low maintenance, it doesn’t require upkeep in the same way a plaster wall might. It’s also difficult to damage concrete during the normal course of business, so it does last and last.

We recommend concrete if your reception calls for a little bit of texture and a unique, welcoming vibe leaning on the side of industrial. You can have a brushed, rough, polished, or even stained concrete to suit your space.

Have an exciting project?

You can use concrete in your reception area refurbishment in a variety of different ways to create a unique and welcoming space.

We are experts in decorative finishes and concrete application. Contact us today to find out more about our concrete finishes.

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