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Create the Perfect Wet Room with Polished Plaster

If you’re thinking of transforming your bathroom with some new interior design, you might want to consider switching your standard room out for a “wet room.” Although not as widely used as the typical bathroom, wet rooms are a fantastic solution for smaller spaces, because you don’t need to find a specific bath or shower cubicle to fit your dimensions.

At the same time, wet rooms can offer a stunning aesthetic in any home, particularly in place of a standard en-suite. Not only are they easier to maintain than your normal bathroom, but they can make it feel as though you’ve stepped straight into a luxury spa every time you need to shower.

Designing a Wet Room

A wet room is a room in your home that’s completely waterproofed, with a shower, a drainage system, and potentially a chair where you can rest during your hygiene routine. The most important part of the design for a wet room is the material you use on your walls. After all, your wall strategy will dictate both the overall appearance of your wet room, and its waterproofing efficacy.

Polished plaster is one of the best materials to consider for your wet room because of its ability to stand up against constant exposure to moisture. While other materials may begin to crack and corrode over time, polished plaster provides a slick and stunning look for years at a time. Here are some of the reasons to consider polished plaster for your wet room:

  1. Polished Plaster Delivers Durable Versatility

Polished plaster is a decorative finish for your walls, floors, and ceilings, that contains a variety of minerals to deliver a stunning finished effect. Because it’s applied layer by layer, polished plaster provides home and business owners with a high level of durability – often far greater than any paint. Even waterproof paint will begin to bubble, scuff and fade over time.

As well as providing you with an excellent aesthetic for years to come, your polished plaster finish is also highly versatile. The unique nature of the material means that it can be applied to a range of surfaces, including stone, brick, drywall, wood and more. You could coat your entire room in polished plaster if you wanted to.

  1. Beauty and Timeless Appeal

Although polished plaster has been around for a while, it only recently began to capture the eye of decorators and interior design innovators. As new techniques for mixing and applying plaster appeared, experts discovered that they could create virtually any finish with polished plaster. Whether you’re looking for a mirror-like shine, or you love the dark beauty of industrial and grunge-style rooms, you can get the appearance you’ve been searching for with this material.

Polished plaster contains materials ranging from limestone to marble chips and marble dust, which can even make it glitter and shine in the right light. You can choose to either embrace the beauty of this substance on a statement wall in your wet room or put it to the test on virtually every surface. It’s even ideal for uneven walls and difficult spaces, unlike many other wall coatings on the market.

  1. Easy to Maintain

To apply polished plaster to a wet room, the experts at Chrysalis will coat your walls, ceilings, and floor in a number of carefully mixed layers, before they’re burnished and sealed with protective wax. Although it can take some time to achieve the ultimate look for your wet room, the result is something that not only looks spectacular but keeps delivering beauty for years to come.

Unlike paint and other substances, polished plaster is very easy to maintain. It doesn’t scuff or stain, and any damage to a specific area can be touched up within a matter of moments. You could even find that switching to polished plaster means that you end up with a healthier wet room.

Because the plaster is breathable, without being absorbent, it prevents mould and mildew from growing in moist environments. This protects the respiratory systems of you and your loved ones. Are you ready to discover why polished plaster is ideal for your wet room? Contact Chrysalis today.

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