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Creative choices for your next Polished Plaster project

Creative choices for your next Polished Plaster project

Polished plaster has made a huge comeback in recent years as an interior decorating material. It is extremely versatile and durable, and has a naturally beautiful appearance which can be customised in many ways, making it ideal for both residential and commercial settings.

If you are thinking of using polished plaster in an interior design project, there are many creative ways in which you can use this multi-faceted material to create fascinating and unique looks. Here are some of our favourite ways to use polished plaster, and why this material is ideal for creating them.

  1. Create a seamless look throughout a room

Polished plaster is ideal for creating beautiful, luxurious-looking effects in any room. It is most often used for walls or ceilings, as it can easily be fashioned to a smooth finish by a professional who is used to working with the material. However, polished plaster can also be used to cover a wide variety of surfaces, including doors.

By covering your walls and doors in polished plaster, and polishing up so the texture looks the same throughout, you can create a completely seamless, unified look in any space. This is an ideal way of making a small space look larger, as there are no dividing lines. It is also a perfect way of creating a blank canvas which you can accessorise to suit your tastes. This works particularly well in modern, minimalist buildings.

  1. Add the look of luxurious natural stone

One of the main advantages of polished plaster is that its appearance can be almost identical to various types of natural stone. It was originally invented as a more affordable alternative to marble, as it can very easily imitate the appearance of this beautiful natural stone. However, it can also take on the appearances of other stones including limestone and travertine.

Natural stone adds an instant touch of luxury and opulence to any space, whether it is a kitchen, bathroom or reception area in a hotel or office building. Polished plaster enables you to achieve this look at a much more affordable price.

  1. Play with colour and texture

Another reason why polished plaster is ideal for use in interior design is because its appearance can be customised in a wide variety of ways. It can be completely smooth to reflect light gently around a room, or left more textured to increase design interest. Alternatively, you can mix these two effects to create some truly unique feature walls in any home or commercial building.

In addition, polished plaster can be coloured or tinted using either natural or man-made colourants, to make it practically any colour you choose. This is ideal for creating a signature look throughout a number of different rooms, commercial properties or franchises, or for a bespoke feature wall which coordinates perfectly with the rest of your décor scheme.

  1. Add interest with stencils

Stencils can be used very easily with polished plaster, enabling you to add design interest by including pictures or patterns directly as part of the wall. This makes an impressive feature in your hallway, living room or bedroom, or can be just as effective in a reception area or hotel dining room.

In addition, this is an ideal way of adding a corporate logo to your design scheme in a creative and permanent way.

  1. Create sculpted shapes with polished plaster

Polished plaster is extremely easy to mould into different shapes. This means it can be used to create features including archways, columns at either side of the front door of your property, or detailing on ceilings.

Because of this, polished plaster is regularly used to recreate period features in older properties, but it can be just as effective when used in more contemporary buildings to create some stunning bespoke detailing.

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