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Creative stucco plastering application within retail environments

Stucco is a product created from lime and Portland which helps to give additional strength and texture to building walls and ceilings.

In some situations, stucco plastering experts will mix small amounts of fibreglass in with the mixture to increase the durability of the mix. The fibreglass provides another layer of structural support, to ensure that you can avoid issues like cracks and dents in your aesthetic finish.

Stucco plastering is a practical solution for retail environments. Not only does it improve energy efficiency and give your building a “pristine” appearance, but it’s also ideal for noise reduction. When stucco walls dry, they create a tight seal that protects against the sounds of the outside world. However, there’s more to stucco than just it’s practical applications. This unique substance can also create some stunning visual effects.

Here are just some of the ways that experts can leverage creative stucco plastering application within retail environments.

Introducing Polished Plaster

Polished finishes are growing increasingly popular in home and commercial properties alike. With stucco experts like Chrysalis by your side, creating a stunning glossy plaster effect is incredibly simple.

Polished plaster brings a distinctive aesthetic to any retail space, offering a sense of depth and shine that’s impossible with paint. Polished plaster often includes materials like marble chips, limestone, and more to give it a more lustrous finish. This stucco application process is well-suited to complex surfaces in a retail space, as it can be applied easily to almost any surface.

The Benefits of Polished Plaster

Stucco application artisans create the polished plaster effect in retail environments by applying protective wax over layers of stucco. Though the process is time-consuming, the result is an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic, ideal for reception counters, entryways, feature walls, and columns.

Polished plaster is incredibly versatile, as the stucco sticks well to surfaces including brick, stone, tiles, drywall and cement boards. This means that almost any retail environment will be able to discover the benefits of a polished finish or themselves. What’s more, the wax-protected surface is very easy to preserve and maintain.

Polished plaster naturally lasts for years, making it far more cost effective than wallpaper or paint, which can fade or peel with time. Business owners can also clean their plaster, without having to worry about ruining the finish.

Achieving the Right Look with Polished Plaster

As an innovative form of stucco application, polished plaster has quickly captured the hearts and minds of companies and designers around the world. Because it’s possible to adjust the level of lustre you achieve by adding certain materials to your stucco mix or altering the polish, experts can offer a wide range of styles to retail environments. For instance:

  • Gentle lustre: A slight lustre finish provides a soft, warm glow which can cause the wall to appear differently from certain angles. A lustre finish is incredibly smooth, like a high-class wallpaper, and it’s available in a wide range of colours and styles.
  • Distressed concrete: When properly polished, stucco can offer the industrial chic aesthetic of distressed concrete – perfect for retail environments looking a modern interior. Distressed concrete makes for a fantastic feature wall, particularly for companies with a forward-thinking and edgy brand personality.
  • Glass finish: Stucco experts can polish their plaster to a point where it takes on an almost glass-like sheen. This highly-reflective finish is best achieved with marmorina plaster, combined with carnauba wax.
  • Colour washed or metallic plaster: Your creative stucco solution can be easily mixed with metallic paints, dyes, and colours to create a stunning range of shades – ready to impress in any retail environment.

Making the Most of Your Stucco Application

As retail companies around the country look for new ways to upgrade their aesthetic appearance and impress their most discerning customers, new interior design ideas are constantly appearing in the marketplace.

At Chrysalis, we specialise in delivering state-of-the-art polished plaster finishes that help businesses to reimagine what they can accomplish with a material as simple as stucco.

We can even offer stencilling alongside our polished plasterwork, so you can have your business logo proudly portrayed on your feature wall or entryway.

Stucco doesn’t have to be bland or boring. Discover what you can accomplish with your walls and ceilings today.

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