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How to effectively use polished plaster in your restaurant or bar

How to effectively use polished plaster in your restaurant or bar

Polished plaster offers a high-class finish for interior walls, giving the appearance of polished marble or polished limestone. The brilliant, high gloss finish evokes a real sense of class, gifting even the most mundane buildings with character.

In restaurants, polished plaster is an excellent choice. It reflects light to create a unique ambience that changes from day to night. If you are a restaurateur or start-up looking to create a special sense of occasion in your restaurant, polished plaster is perfect.

Here’s how to effectively use it in your restaurant:


Not all areas of a restaurant are good candidates for polished plaster. The beauty of it would be wasted in a kitchen, for example. It makes sense to apply the polished plaster only where customers will interact with it. This will save you money. Hallways, walkways, waiting areas, the bar, and the dining area are prime candidates for polished plaster.

Plaster type

There are several types of polished plaster available. These vary in appearance and character. We mainly use Marmorino plaster and acrylic. We find that these offer the best possible finish akin to polished marble. Choose a plaster that complements existing décor.

Adding colour

You can go one step further with your design by adding colour to the mix. Polished plaster can be tinted using colourants. These will permeate through the plaster, giving a solid colour throughout. We recommend neutral colours, but you can go as bold as you like.

Seal and wax

Restaurants are a dry environment, but the risk of drink, food, and other things hitting your walls is high. For this reason, it is common practice to seal and wax the polished plaster to make the surface non-porous. The sealant will last for many years, and the wax can be applied periodically to bring the surface up to a fine lustre.

Always go for quality – and always use an expert

Lastly, we will say that the application of polished plaster, and the materials themselves, must be expert. It is a time-consuming process to layer up polished plaster, burnish it, seal it, and protect it with a wax. You should always go for quality and you should always use an expert for your project if you want the best results.

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