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How to make effective use of a concrete feature wall

Concrete has long been used as a construction material in building homes, but until recently it was always covered over on the inside of the home. However, lately the beauty of concrete as a material has been celebrated in its own right, and now it is widely being used in interior design in a wide variety of effective and creative ways, for instance, a concrete feature wall.

Here are some of the ways you can use concrete to add to the design appeal of your home, creating an attractive feature wall in any room.

Why concrete is an ideal material for use in interior design

Concrete is an extremely versatile material to use for a feature wall in the interior of your home. It can be used to create a wide variety of different effects: it can be smoothed over to create a wall which coordinates with the rest of your home décor, or left with its natural textured appearance to create some design interest by providing a contrast. It can also have a matte finish or be polished to a high-gloss sheen, enabling you to stamp your personal tastes and preferences on your home.

In addition, concrete does not have to be grey, although this natural colour can be highly effective in creating a modern, industrial design scheme, perfect for a contemporary home. If you prefer, however, a concrete feature wall can be painted or stained in any colour you choose, enabling you to create a vibrant and eye-catching feature which will enhance the appearance of a more traditional room.

The natural properties of concrete also make it highly effective at reflecting light around a room, which is a clever way of making any space look bigger. This is why concrete feature walls are not just effective in large properties; they can also be an ideal addition to a small room, giving the impression of more space.

However, one of the main advantages of concrete as an interior design feature is that it retains its appearance with minimal maintenance. Often all that is needed to clean up a concrete wall is to brush it down with a dry rag, as this removes any loose dirt. If a deeper clean is needed, this can easily be done with some warm water and dish soap, as long as the soap does not contain ammonia. This easy upkeep is ideal for inside the home, as it saves you time and money on maintaining the appearance of your property.

Where and how to use a concrete feature wall in your home

A concrete feature wall can look highly effective in any room in the house. Here are some of the ways it can be used to best effect.

In the living room

Concrete is ideal for a feature wall over the fireplace as a way of creating a cohesive design scheme. As many modern fireplaces are now built with concrete, extending this theme to encompass the whole wall gives your living room a streamlined look with clean, minimalist lines, giving the perfect finishing touch to a contemporary décor scheme.

In the bedroom

The natural grey colour of concrete is ideal for creating a restful environment for sleeping. It also reflects light softly, giving your bedroom a gentle glow which provides a relaxing feel. You can create a concrete feature wall behind your bed as it makes the perfect housing for your reading lamps. As grey bedroom accessories are now hugely fashionable, this also enables you to create a coordinated theme and make your room look more up-to-date.

In the kitchen

Industrial kitchen designs are now the height of fashion, and a concrete feature wall makes the perfect addition to stone countertops and stainless-steel appliances. It also provides an interesting backdrop for open shelving, particularly if you leave it in its natural textured state.

Find out more about creating a concrete feature wall

If you are interested in having concrete feature walls created in your home, or you would like to find out more about uses for concrete in home interiors, please contact the team here at Chrysalis, and we will be happy to advise you.

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