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Ideas for your next feature wall project

Creating a feature wall is always an exciting project. Most people look to paints and wallpapers to create a great feature wall, which are perfectly legitimate and decent ways to go about it. But there are alternatives.

Here are some of those alternative ideas:


Cement is something most people consider an industrial product. And it is – but there’s another product called micro-cement which is decorative.

Micro-cement, which also goes by the French name Beton Cire, is a coating that can be applied to plastered, solid and drywalls. It’s a versatile product because it’s waterproof and greaseproof, making it a durable choice in living areas.

Its appearance is actually on the warm side. This isn’t a cool grey, but rather a neutral one with the ability to fit in anywhere. It’s perfect for giving an industrial feel to a room, and it looks much nicer than the fake wallpapers you can buy.


Did you know there’s a special plaster mix with metal powder in it, which when exposed to air, develops a unique patina?

Metallic plasters are a specialised product with metal powder in them. The metal is iron based, so rusts and patinas the same as real metal. Only because it’s sealed by plaster, there’s none of the flakiness of rust.

Different application processes can be used to give different natural corrosion effects. Each application is unique and original and cannot be replicated. This originality is what makes it such an interesting idea for feature walls.

Polished plaster

Venetian, or polished plaster, is a beautiful product. It is made from lime putty and marble dust. Once dry, it is polished to a glossy finish, replicating the appearance of solid marble to great effect. In fact, it is so convincing, palaces around the world have it adorning their walls and the Romans made use of it too.

Polished plaster looks luxurious because it is. It can also be tinted using natural or artificial pigments, making it hugely versatile.

It is best practice to seal polished plaster once polished, which gives it a water-resistant coating. It does not scuff or stain and can be used safely with fireplaces. We recommend it if you want to add some luxury to your living space.

Textured paints

Regular paint can look great, but at the end of the day, it’s flat paint; which means you rely on its colour for character. Textured paint is different. With textured paint, you can create a surface with pits, fissures and interesting bumps.

This gives it an extra dimension – you can touch the paint and feel its unique character, and you can also see it as it catches the light in interesting ways.

Popular finishes include metallic, wood, silk and granite effect paints. These are applied by a professional decorator to smooth plaster. They can also be applied directly onto old paint, so long as it is in good condition (not flaking).

At Chrysalis, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their vision. If you want your feature wall project to look sensational with one of the ideas covered above, then call us on 0772 548 8669 or send us a message. Thank you.

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