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Imaginative commercial uses of Travertine Polished Plaster

Travertine polished plaster has been seen as a luxurious interior design material for centuries, and has made a huge comeback in recent years. While it was traditionally used in homes, Travertine polished plaster is also ideal for use in commercial settings.

Here are some suggestions for creative and imaginative ways that you can use Travertine polished plaster in a commercial property.

  1. Create different looks in different areas

Commercial buildings such as office blocks and hotels have many different rooms and areas. Travertine polished plaster is the ideal material for creating contrasting looks in the different parts of your building.

It is made from crushed marble and lime putty, and when dry, it closely mimics the appearance of natural stone, so it gives a luxurious look to any wall or ceiling. However, it can be coloured in different ways or polished to different finishes, from a textured natural stone effect to high-gloss opulence.

This versatility enables you to create custom looks in different rooms and zones of your commercial property, making your visitors and customers feel as if you have put extensive time and care into your interior design.

  1. Stencilling

Travertine polished plaster is a light and malleable material, so it is ideal for creating intricate stencilled designs on your walls. A skilled Travertine plaster expert can work with you to create stencils to a design of your choosing, and then work that design into the plaster on your walls.

Whether you want to create a completely unique artistic design, or even incorporate your company branding into the walls of the building, Travertine is the ideal material for this. Stencilling and colouring are also great ways to create a unified corporate image across different premises or franchises.

  1. Bars, desks and table tops

As Travertine polished plaster is extremely strong and durable when dry, it can be used to construct custom bar tops and table tops. This gives your venue a unique appeal, providing an instant touch of luxury which will attract discerning customers.

Aside from bar tops and dining table tops in hotels and restaurants, Travertine is ideal for constructing reception desks and boardroom tables, giving your business an instantly-recognisable look and marking you out as higher class than your competitors.

  1. Display stands in shops

Travertine polished plaster can be used to create some truly dramatic looks. As it can be moulded into practically any shape easily, it is the perfect material for making custom display stands in shops.

Travertine plaster provides a luxurious backdrop for items such as clothes, shoes and handbags, encouraging customers to view your products as more desirable.

  1. Intricate design features

Travertine plaster was developed in Venice, Italy, at the time of the Renaissance. The Venetians wanted a material which had the opulent look of marble, but lighter weight and easier to mould. The result was Travertine polished plaster.

As it is so closely related to marble in appearance, it is perfect for adding small touches of luxury to your commercial property. For example, columns outside the entrance, cornices on the ceilings, or archways leading from one area to another.

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