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Polished plaster options for your office space

Working in a boring plain office can get you down. What you really want is a classy office space where you can earn your keep. A space where you feel comfortable and at home. Is that too much to ask for? Of course not. Whether you work for yourself, for someone else or own your own business, it is always important to work in an environment you enjoy. And part of that is the actual space you work in.

Office spaces can be livened up and made more interesting in a variety of different ways, but no way is more so effective than polished plaster.

You might not think about it, but we humans stare at walls. In fact, when we look around a room, our eyes are drawn to blank spaces more so than what’s actually on the walls. That’s why we paint them and wallpaper them; because blank spaces are boring. Paint and wallpaper are much more interesting. So too is polished plaster, a special plaster that gives walls the look of polished marble or stone.

Polished plaster, known by its common form venetian plaster or Italian plaster, is made of lime putty and stone dust. The type of stone dust in the mix determines the appearance of the finished wall. If the dust is marble dust, the wall appears to be solid marble when polished. If the stone is granite, the wall appears to be solid granite, and so on. In addition to mimicking the appearance of solid stone, the wall also offers similar durability and is very long-lasting. The finish can last more than a century.

Polished plaster in offices

Office spaces are prime candidates for polished plaster because the walls are very usually plastered already, or they are a drywall. Polished plaster can be applied directly to a clean surface. You can’t polish ordinary plaster, but the special polished plaster mix can be applied to the ordinary plaster and then polished.

Your options with polished plaster are limitless. This material is ideal for complex surfaces such as archways, columns and uneven walls. Or normal walls of course. The finish you can have comes down to the stone content. The plasters we work with mimic marble. We work with Marmorino plaster and acrylic plaster but we work with others too. With our expertise in specialist plastering, we are able to provide advice on the best types of plaster to achieve your desired look. Your office will look incredible.

When polished to a high sheen, polished plaster perfectly mimics real marble, giving your office space real character. Many customers choose to have their whole office plastered this way, but you can opt for just a feature wall if you like. Meeting rooms are a good space for polished plaster because they offer a wow factor with clients. You can have polished plaster in a huge range of colours. Manufactured pigments and natural pigments are available to give your walls the desired look. Cool, warm and neutral colours are available.

To apply polished plaster, the surface needs suction to aid adhesion. Pre-plastered walls are usually a good surface, but if they aren’t suitable, we use a special primer before getting started plastering. Two or three coats of polished plaster are needed to give the surface the desired thickness. Burnishing and soaping and waxing come last to give the plaster that ideal finish. Burnishing is the process of finishing. This is the polishing stage which can be done by hand or by machine with care. Lastly, we seal the plaster with a wax.

With a wide range of pigments available to tint polished plaster, it’s possible to create walls that match or complement your brand colours. For a free, no obligation quote, call us on 0113 269 0592 or fill out our form here and we will get back to you in 48-hours. Thank you.

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