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Concrete decorative plaster and logo embossing for Loose Cannon

Polished Plaster
About This Project

Loose Cannon is a new cocktail bar in Harbourside, Bristol. They serve elaborate, original and delicious cocktails in bespoke glassware, welcoming a diverse crowd through the doors from students to professionals.


The brief


We were recently contacted by the owners to help with the fitout of the bar ahead of launch. We were asked to apply concrete decorative plaster to the walls with a logo stencil embossed into a feature wall with oxidising material.


We met with the owners to discuss their ideas in detail. They wanted to create a cool, industrial and modern vibe inside the var. We recommended a concrete decorative plaster to complement the brickwork and existing concrete floor.


The project


The project was overseen by our experts, who have a great deal of individual experience with decorative plastering techniques. The plastering took our team a full day, during which we worked around other tradespeople. The plaster used in this application has the appearance of real concrete. It has its own grain and character. It’s important to remember that regular concrete isn’t typically suitable for walls.


The owners loved the appearance of the plaster freshly applied, so no polishing was requested. Concrete decorative plaster does polish up very well so if they decide in favour of polishing in the future this is something we can do.


The results


The bar is now open and doing well. Customers love the look and the relaxing, industrial vibe it gives off. The logo stencil embossed into the feature wall with oxidising material is a work of art. It perfectly captures the Loose Cannon logo and doesn’t appear painted – which is one of the best things about embossing.


The owners are delighted with our work and we are too. If you’re ever in Bristol with a taste for a tipple, be sure to check out Loose Cannon.


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