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Polished plaster for the Louis Vuitton Store in Leeds

Polished Plaster
About This Project

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is one of the world’s most recognisable designer brands, with an illustrious history dating back to 1854. Renowned for fashion, trend-setting and quality, Louis Vuitton demands the very best throughout its portfolio. This includes its stores, which must portray the brand correctly and provide a first-class customer experience.


The Louis Vuitton store in Leeds is a staple of the Leeds high street. Located in the Victoria Quarter, it sets the tone for this upmarket location with a beautiful shopfront. It sits on the corner of the arcade, invitingly lit up with warm, yellow lighting.


Client requirements

Louis Vuitton Leeds contacted Chrysalis with a vision to transform the interior ambience of its store into something even more upmarket, and special.


It was agreed that the interior walls, despite being adorned with decoration, were plain and sapped some of the character from the glorious store front. We recommended polished plaster as a solution, to provide enveloping depth and character. After some demonstration, it was agreed that Venetian plaster offered the desired look.


Our work

Venetian plaster was used to change the look of the walls, and their texture, inside the Louis Vuitton store. Venetian plaster has beautiful, marble-like graining for a classy, timeless finish. We colour-matched the plaster to match existing interior features, such as the ceiling and skirting, and we repaired any damage to walls for a flawless finish.


In total, we plastered 40sq metres of walls. The plaster had to be layered several times to create a professional finish. Three coats were needed for these walls.


Louis Vuitton Leeds wanted a new look for their retail store, but they didn’t want the work to take longer than a week – doing so would interrupt their customer’s experience too greatly. Our skilled team worked around the clock, including night shifts, to turnaround the work inside a week from start to finish. The Louis Vuitton Store was open for business again within days, ensuring minimal interruption to business.


In total, the renovation work cost Louis Vuitton Leeds around £8k, which is a small price to pay for a professional job and a whole new in-store ambience.