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Properties best suited to the use of micro cement and why

Micro cement is a liquid polymer modified cement coating which is applied thinly to floors, walls, stairs and sometimes ceilings. It is a high-performance alternative to regular cement with greater flexibility and crack resistance without the thickness of regular cement. It’s also easier to work in small areas.

Because a minimum of two base coat layers are applied before two finishing layers, micro cement is also durable and aesthetic. Interior designers love it because it brings a utilitarian or industrial vibe to any space.

As a design tool, micro cement can work in any property. There are no limitations. But there are some settings where it works best.

High-end retail stores

High-end retail environments are perfect candidates for micro cement. The fine quality and neutral colour of micro cement lends itself beautifully to modern interior design, where less is more, and minimalism is desirable.

Any retailer who wishes to make their product the true centrepiece of their store can use micro cement as a background. Coupled with warm lighting, this combination brings a sense of calmness and prestige to the shopping experience.


Because micro cement can be applied to walls, floors and ceilings, it enables design continuity across a property. For hotels, this is a desirable characteristic because continuity is essential to drill home the hotel experience.

From the lobby and foyer to the feature walls in upgraded rooms, micro cement is a beautiful choice. It’s also waterproof and hygienic, so can be used in wet rooms to create a seamless design without grout and tiles.

Shopping complexes / gallerias

Micro cement is durable, easy to clean and hygienic. These three factors make it a great choice for the walls in a shopping complex. Its neutral colour and interesting surface finish also give it more depth than paint.

Because it’s a specialist, high-cost finish, shopping complexes can utilise micro cement in areas of high traffic only, such as near bathrooms and in food areas. This will keep the cost down while creating the desired visitor experience.

Swimming baths

Micro cement is 100% waterproof as standard and the use of a sealer can add further protection. Micro cement is also anti-scratch, non-slip and non-stain, making it a fantastic choice for swimming baths and other wet areas.

Because it’s non-porous and highly durable, micro cement is being increasingly used in swimming baths on the walls. This is often to create a design theme. It’s also suitable for the floor because it’s non-slip and mould-free.


Micro cement is a unique material. It’s easier to work than regular concrete and much better suited to walls and ceilings. It can be used anywhere to bring a utilitarian, industrial or neutral theme to an interior space.

Something else to consider is micro cement is suitable for external use. You can use it to apply the same finish to walls outside. This boosts the potential applications and means you can create design continuity inside and out.

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