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Stencils in Polished Plaster

With stencils, we can create durable, raised designs on walls and ceilings using Venetian plaster, Marmorino plaster, acrylic compounds and micro-cement. The intricacy of a design is only limited by the stencil, with virtually any pattern possible.

Stencils are a useful way to repeat patterns and apply artwork to ceilings and walls to a high standard.

Freehand art has its place in a gallery, but on walls the requirement for consistency is far greater. Patterns need to repeat so there is no transition from wall to wall and ceiling to ceiling. This is how intricate wall art from centuries past was created, with our forefathers using stencils to create a perfect finish.


Stencils can be used with traditional and modern compounds to create raised designs on walls and ceilings. Venetian plaster is an excellent candidate, with the raised patterns capable of standing up to polishing. Marmorino plaster can also be stencilled as can modern compounds and micro-cement. The application is time-consuming, but the end result is always worth it. Stencilled wall patterns look beautiful.

The Benefits

Stencilled patterns have four benefits

Pattern consistency

Stencils can repeat patterns and when correctly applied, there is no perceptible transition from application to application. Patterns appear seamless.

Design freedom

Stencils take away the complexities of freehand art. There are a wide range of standard stencils out there, or custom designs can be drawn.

Material compatibility

Stencils can be used with your preferred plaster finish, whether that’s a synthetic acrylic compound, Venetian plaster or Marmorino plaster.


Stencils are pre-cut with a fixed depth. Fresh plaster fills in the stencil, with the stencil lifted away when the plaster is still wet for a perfect finish.

Working with Chrysalis

We are experts in decorative plaster finishes and have a great deal of experience with stencilling.


We can supply stencils or use ones you provide to give your walls and ceilings a beautiful finish. Stencilling is a great way to give walls a custom appearance and we take the utmost care to ensure the finish is always perfect.


The two main plasters we work with are Venetian and Marmorino and we can use these plasters for stencilling. We recommend the use of plastic stencils for plastering because they hold up best to repeated use and trowelling.


We can also use stencils for concrete and micro-cement finishes. If your building makes use of these materials on the walls, stencilling can be performed at any stage although the finish may need a light sanding before the compound is applied.

We have worked for a wide range of clients in virtually every sector, from domestic to commercial. We are professionals who pride ourselves on our reliability and expertise. You can always rely on Chrysalis for the finest plastering work.








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