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Top 5 Polished Plaster finishes

Top 5 Polished Plaster finishes

Polished plaster gives the appearance of highly polished stone. Which stone it mimics depends on its composition, which also determines its finish. As you might have expected, there are several types of polished plaster out there. Some are more popular than others, though, which is reflected by our own range.

Most polished plasters originated in Italy. It is here where the polished plasters we see today were first produced. The capital of manufacturing today is Venice, although plaster powders are produced elsewhere around the world.

Different finishes are created by increasing the amount of fine or coarse stone powder in the plaster mix. The finer the powder and the higher its content, the higher the level of polish that can be achieved. By adding different types of stone to the mix, such as marble, you can alter the natural tone and colour of a lime-based plaster.

Below, we’ll review the top 5 polished plaster finishes out there. These are used around the world to create stunning interiors.

1.      Venetian plaster

Characteristic: A marble-like finish, high gloss

Venetian is our most popular finish. Venetian plaster is a traditional Italian plaster with marble dust, modernised with some agents to make it more durable. It is a very highly polished plaster that mimics the appearance of marble. It reflects light better than any other plaster and is the perfect finish for walls, archways and columns. Check out our recent work with Venetian plaster for the Luis Vuitton store in Leeds here.

2.      Marmorino metallic plaster

Characteristic: A metallic finish, high gloss

Marmorino metallic is our most popular decorative finish. Marmorino plaster is a lime-based plaster with a high marble powder content. The metallic finish comes from metallic elements in the plaster. It is tinted gold, silver or copper. The uneven distribution of metallic elements gives it an exclusive look – perfect for hotels and restaurants. Check out our recent work with Marmorino plaster for the Italian cocktail bar Porco Rosso here.

3.      Lucidato plaster

Characteristic: A flat and smooth finish, high gloss

Lucidato plaster is a traditional Italian plaster with a high gloss shine. It is composed of ultra-fine lime putty and can be tinted with different colours, although most applications keep things simple with neutral tones. The finish of Lucidato plaster is less grained than Venetian although it is just as smooth to the touch. Lucidato plaster is a popular material in restaurants, bars and shopping centres.

4.      Stone-look plaster

Characteristic: A coarser finish, semi-sheen

This plaster is something a little different. Stone-look plaster is a lime plaster with aggregates that give a darker, stone-like appearance. This is a popular material in wet rooms and swimming areas. The plaster can be polished to a high gloss or it can be finished mid sheen, making it perfectly suited to dimly lit areas. This plaster is best-suited to industrial buildings and conversions, such as mill-flat conversions.

5.      Intona plaster / stucco

Characteristic: A limestone-like finish, semi-sheen

Intona is a classic, traditional stucco. It has a grainer appearance than Venetian plaster with the characteristics of lightly polished limestone. It doesn’t polish to as high a sheen as the polished plasters listed above, but this stucco is perfect wherever a subtle quality is needed. Art galleries and walkways are perfect applications for this stucco.

Additional plasters include Travertino which mimics the appearance of travertine and Rilievo which is a coarse plaster with horse hair. The latter is a unique material with irregular textured patterns. It is commonly finished with a metallic wax.

Looking for something different? Many polished plasters can be tinted into any colour using natural pigments or by altering the lime putty mix with a new stone. If you want something a little bolder for your walls, we can make it happen.

It’s important to note that there are hundreds of manufacturers for each type of plaster on the market. We are committed to sourcing the best-quality plasters. We are also committed to using only environmentally-friendly plasters without harmful chemicals.

Let’s talk about your plastering project

Durable, versatile, easy to maintain and above all else beautiful, polished plaster is the perfect material for high-end interior applications. If you have a polished plaster project in mind, we’d love to talk with you about it. We’re experts in decorative finishes and specialist plastering techniques. Call us on 0113 269 0592 today to speak to a member of our team or send us a message here and we will get back to you.

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