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What are the best polished plaster solutions for my ceiling?

Polished plaster is a unique material for interior surfaces that lets us create a smooth and high gloss finish that mimics marble. These characteristics make Polished Plaster the ideal ceiling surface solution.

You can use polished plaster to bring the cool and clean appearance of marble to your room, perhaps to add drama or a luxurious vibe.

Polished plaster ceilings

There is nothing else like polished plaster. If you want your ceiling to appear to be made from solid marble, the only alternative is to lift solid marble into place. Obviously, this would be impossible for structural and economic reasons.

Polished plaster is a match made in heaven for interior spaces that demand reflection, drama and luxury. The high gloss of a polished plaster ceiling reflects light in new ways and brings a new dimension to small and large interior spaces.

Using polished plaster on ceilings

The beauty of polished plaster is the stone dust itself, which can be any colour to create contrasting areas in a room.

For example, we can use black and white marble dust to create a contrasting milking effect, or we can use pure white and grey marble dust to create a ceiling that’s reminiscent of the loveliest powdery white marble fireplace mantels.

Another benefit to polished plaster is it is a lifelong finish. Unlike paint, which needs redoing, polished plaster will last forever. It is a relatively flexible material that remains structurally sound over time. This makes it a material suitable for any application, allowing you to choose it for the way it looks.

Which type of polished plaster to use for ceilings?

The main type of polished plaster is Marmorino Veneziano.

Marmorino Veneziano is a type of Italian plaster or stucco. Its origins are much older than you’d think, dating back to ancient Roman times.

Marmorino Veneziano is a combination of calcium oxide, better known as burnt lime, marble durst, and water. This is the classic mixture that purists use. It is also a mixture we use because it’s beautiful and lasts forever.

A newer product is modern Marmorino resin-based plaster. This uses acrylic polymers rather than lime. These acrylic polymers boost the material’s flexibility (some substrates are incompatible with lime-based plasters).

In wet areas, such as bathrooms, you will want to use Marmorino Venezia Travertino, Marmorino Venezia or Marmorino Naturale on your ceiling. These have a composition that is designed to cope with high-moisture areas.


Polished plaster is an excellent ceiling material choice if you want to create a sense of grandeur and luxury. A classic Marmorino Veneziano will be suitable for most houses but you may want a Marmorino resin-based plaster. We will recommend the best option once we know more about your ceiling.

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