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Why Micro Cement Flooring is Perfect for Your Next Bar Project

One of the most versatile, high-quality flooring solutions in the world of interior design today, Micro cement flooring has quickly captured the hearts and minds of interior designers. Sometimes referred to as “micro concrete” (despite their different qualities), micro cement gives designers and property owners the freedom to create a unique aesthetic in commercial, residential and recreational spaces.

Today, micro cement is used by industry innovators in a number of applications. Its flexibility, and stunning design makes it the perfect solution for kitchen surfaces, shelves, ceilings, walls, and even floors. Here, we’re going to look at the benefits of using a micro cement flooring mix for your next bar project.

  1. An Incredible Aesthetic

The most apparent benefit associated with micro cement flooring is the unique appearance it will bring to your bar project. This material is perfect for anyone who wants to accomplish a smooth and seamless look with their flooring. There’s no need for any grout lines or tiling issues. Instead, you can access a floor that’s as slick and sophisticated as liquid.

The elegant and timeless appearance of micro cement means that it can work just as well in bathrooms, living areas, kitchens and bar spaces. What’s more, because you can customise the material in terms of finish, tone, and colour, there’s nothing to prevent you from creating your ideal look.

  1. Stain Resistant and Waterproof

Bars are places of fun and frivolity, that means that they don’t always stay clean for long. Whether it’s an accidentally spilled glass of wine or an entire tray of poorly-placed drinks that end up on the floor, you don’t need to worry with micro cement. The skilfully applied layers in a micro cement surface means that you can easily wipe your surface clean quickly, without it absorbing any unwanted colouring.

It may even be possible to add an extra layer of protection to your floor with a specialist finish. Whatever your decision, the material will lend itself well to practicality in a bar space by bringing hygienic cleanliness to your bar environment.

  1. Quick Installation

When you’re eager to get your new bar up and running, the last thing you want is to wait weeks for your floors to be installed.

Though micro cement flooring looks professionally-finished and stunning, it’s not as labour intensive as some other floors. Some professional teams can install micro cement flooring within a matter of days because the substance can dry so quickly. If you need to complete your project according to tight deadlines, and you have other decorative details to finish, micro cement could be one of the most effective options available.

  1. Anti-Slip and Anti-Crack

Speaking of practical flooring options, micro cement is also excellent because it can be equipped with an anti-slip coating. With a non-slip finish, you can ensure that any patrons that may be uncertain on their feet after a few drinks don’t end up hurting themselves in your bar. This means fewer risks for you to worry about with your day-to-day operations.

Additionally, the flexible nature of micro cement also means that the material is less prone to cracking or breaking if someone did fall on it, or it was hit by a significant impact. When installed on an elastic layer of mortar, your micro cement flooring will give you a greater level of longevity and durability. Just make sure that you invest in an installation by a certified expert.

  1. Flexible Design

Finally, there’s a good chance that once you’ve installed your micro cement flooring, you’ll love it so much that you never want to change it. However, with micro cement, you’re not stuck to a specific aesthetic forever. If you decide you want to change the colour or texture of your flooring, you can have a new layer of cement installed, or you can use a different flooring option altogether.

The sleek and smooth nature of micro cement flooring means that it’s easy to install any other floor option on top of it, without a great deal of additional preparation or work. Contact Chrysalis to discuss the details of your micro cement flooring project and we will do our best to help. Thank you.

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