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Why you should choose polished plaster over regular plaster

When most people think of plaster, they picture the standard reddish-brown substance used for smoothing and reinforcing walls before they’re painted or wallpapered. However, plaster can mean so much more than this. Polished plaster is a unique and beautiful substance which can provide a world of difference for your environment.

Here are a few of the reasons why you should consider using polished plaster in place of regular plaster.

1. It’s extremely versatile

We’re all used to our walls and ceilings being finished with regular plaster. While this is an adequate solution for straight surfaces, it does not offer the versatility that polished plaster can provide.

Polished plaster can be used on flat surfaces such as walls and ceilings just as easily as regular plaster. However, it is a much more malleable, less brittle material, so it is also ideal for more complex shapes including archways, coving and even columns, enabling you to take your interior design to an entirely new level.

Additionally, because it is so easy to shape, it is the ideal material for correcting imperfections. It is applied in layers, so any defects can easily be patched over, achieving a flat, smooth surface without the need to re-plaster the entire wall.

2. It’s highly durable

Regular plaster dries to a hard finish, but it can be quite a brittle material. This makes it vulnerable to cracking if it is put under any pressure.

Polished plaster, on the other hand, dries as hard as rock, but is not brittle. Because of this, it can remain intact even when put under stresses that could cause cracks in regular plaster and other wall finishes.

3. It doesn’t need painting

Paint and wallpaper are popular for a good reason. It’s because regular plaster simply doesn’t look very attractive, so we need to cover it up in order to create an aesthetically appealing environment. However, painting and wallpapering are laborious and time-consuming if you choose to do them yourself. Hire a professional, and they quickly become expensive.

Due to its naturally attractive appearance, polished plaster does not need to be painted or papered over, as it is a design feature in its own right. It contains a combination of different materials, including marble and limestone, which give it a beautiful appearance imbued with a variety of colours. The tone can even be changed to suit the space in which it is being used.

Its polished surface reflects the light, making rooms look bigger and brighter. It adds a luxurious touch to any space, as its appearance closely resembles polished marble, providing a high-quality, opulent finish.

4. it’s non-porous

Regular plaster needs to be correctly damp-proofed in order to resist moisture. If this hasn’t been done correctly, it isn’t ideal for use in high-moisture areas. Damp is a serious problem; if it isn’t treated quickly it can weaken the structure of your building. Treatment can often be extremely costly.

Polished plaster does not have this problem, as it is coated with a wax sealant. This makes it non-porous, so moisture can’t pervade its surface. As a result, it’s ideal for use in high-moisture areas, even when they’re used regularly, such as hotel bathrooms and swimming pools.

5. It’s non-toxic and kind to the environment

Some types of regular plaster have been linked to indoor air quality problems. They can also contain synthetic components which some people can be allergic to, especially where ingredients have been added to protect plaster against damp.

Polished plaster is made from completely natural materials. This means it is non-toxic, so it won’t cause allergies or be harmful to people in any way. As it absorbs carbon dioxide and regulates humidity, it can actually improve the air quality in a room.

One of the main components of polished plaster is lime, which has a high pH value. Because of this, it is naturally antibacterial, so it prevents the growth of mould and other bacteria, maintaining a healthy environment.

Find out more about polished plaster

Polished plaster is becoming increasingly popular for interior design in both residential and commercial settings. At Chrysalis Surface Design, we have extensive experience working with various types of polished plaster and can work with you to create the effects that you want to achieve.

If you would like more information about the many benefits of polished plaster, or to find out how we can help you bring your design ideas to life, please contact us on 0113 269 0592.

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