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Creative Ways to Use Micro Cement

Micro cement, sometimes referred to as micro concrete, is an incredibly popular aesthetic product intended for interior design. Micro cement gives designers the freedom to create a raw concrete finish where weight restrictions and other problems would prevent the use of traditional concrete. Not only is micro-cement incredibly versatile, but it’s also available to use at a fraction of the cost of conventional cement.

Micro-concrete offers designers a host of benefits of conventional concrete, including:

  • The ability to bond to almost any surface
  • Strong and durable material (ideal for commercial areas with high traffic)
  • Requires no compaction, so there’s no need for heavy machinery
  • No shrinking upon application (which means no cracks or folds)

Here are just some of the ways that commercial organisations can tap into the benefits of micro-cement for their design strategies.

Create a Hygienic, Urban Look in Your Restaurant

One of the biggest benefits of micro-cement is the fact that it has extremely low permeability. This means that it’s ideal for areas with a lot of moisture like kitchens. Throughout a restaurant, micro-cement can create a minimalist, yet urban look perfect for any brands who want to achieve an edgy, gritty appeal with their audience.

Micro cement is available in a range of colours, which means that restaurants can access a sleek and streamlined appearance that matches the unique aesthetic they’re trying to achieve for their business. Combined with a few statement furniture pieces, like additional concrete tables, or even art-deco chairs, the micro-cement trend can open the door to countless design opportunities. This versatile foundation layer delivers style and practicality that’s sure to match with any commercial environment.

Stone-cold Glamour in a Hospitality Environment

It isn’t just restaurants and those in the food industry that can benefit from experimentation with micro-cement. Any commercial business can revitalise their look with this unique material. For instance, while micro-cement can appear cold and masculine by itself, hotels in search of a luxurious appeal can instantly give warmth to the trend with the right accompanying décor.

The minimalist beauty of micro-cement means that its ideal for drawing focus to the other design elements in the room, from plush rugs and bedspreads, to carefully commissioned pieces of art. One particularly compelling trend in the hospitality space today involves combining micro-cement flooring with strong metals like rose gold and copper. Together, the metal and concrete deliver an industrial-chic atmosphere that’s perfect for a cutting-edge hospitality company.

Explore Beyond Flooring with Micro Cement Walls

For the most part, many of the trends around micro-cement involve using this substance to offer sturdy and beautiful flooring within the commercial space. However, micro-cement also has the unique ability to be able to clad securely to any surface, including walls and ceilings. This means that commercial companies could investigate the looks that they can achieve with stylish micro-cement cladding.

Available in monochrome effects or colourful finishes, micro-cement is both beautiful, and highly practical too. When you apply micro-cement to the walls of your retail building or commercial showroom, you save significant amounts of money and time on painting the walls every couple of years when you need to remove stubborn stains. High-traffic commercial areas are prone to gathering dirt and grime, and micro-cement is non-porous, which means that it’s very easy to clean.

Micro Cement Wall Panels

Finally, commercial organisations that are enthralled by the idea of micro cement, but don’t want to jump too far into the trend straight away can start small. There are plenty of ways to infuse micro-cement designs into your premises in small doses, through carefully structured cement wall panels, or small sections of floor.

Concrete panels can be designed and implemented in a range of different sizes, styles, and colours, and adhered to various areas around a commercial premise to infuse the space with additional sophistication and style. The best place to use these panels would be in an environment where you want to draw visitor attention, such as a front desk or lobby area. Micro cement is also very practical within spaces that often require a lot of cleaning, like restaurant kitchens, thanks to it’s durable and easy-to-maintain nature.

As raw industrial aesthetics become increasingly popular in the design environment, micro-cement is appearing in dozens of new ways every day. This unique material is leading the way towards a brand-new selection of stunning styles for the commercial space.

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