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How can polished plaster be used in your commercial space?

How can polished plaster be used in your commercial space?

Polished plaster has been used in interior design for over two thousand years. The Romans were avid users of this material, which is suitable for walls and complex surfaces such as archways and columns. The versatility of polished plaster is so, that it has found its way into all manner of buildings from restaurants to gallerias.

If you are looking for a material with a wow factor for your commercial space, polished plaster more than obliges. It is made up of a combination of materials, including marble dust, limestone or marble chips, and has a distinctive appearance. No other surface looks like it and many people prefer its appearance to that of polished concrete, a material that’s better suited to floors than walls due to its robustness.

Having worked on over a hundred polished plaster projects in the last few years alone, we’ve seen plenty of exciting applications for this wonderous material. Commercial spaces are always prime candidates for it because creating memorable experiences for customers is key, and especially for high-end retail stores and chains.

Polished Plaster Applications

So long as it is handled by an experienced professional, polished plaster can be used in a variety of building constructs. We’ll take a closer look at these below:


This is the most popular application of polished plaster in commercials spaces. Walls are a prime candidate for polished plaster because they reflect light and gives spaces the appearance of another dimension.


Polished plaster is also suitable for ceilings. If you would like to continue the glossy appearance of polished plaster from your walls to the ceiling, this can be achieved. You can even change the tone of the plaster to create contrast.


Internal columns are usually finished in a flat white plaster. However, in grander settings they are usually finished in marble. Polished plaster gives the appearance of polished marble, so it is an ideal substitute for columns.


Most buildings with internal archways utilise their archways as open doorways. Polished plaster is an excellent material for these areas, because it is hard-wearing and is a talking point for guests with its distinctive appearance.

Wet areas

Polished plaster is sealed with a wax which makes it non-porous. This makes it suitable for use in wet areas like swimming pools and gyms. Two examples of locations where this would be practical include high-end hotels and exclusive gyms.

Uneven surfaces

If your commercial space has uneven surfaces such as uneven walls, it is possible to flatten these out in layers and hide defects with polished plaster. So long as a flat surface is achieved, polished plaster will look perfect.

Decorative finishes

In addition to the applications mentioned above, polished plaster is also perfect for decorative finishes. For example, you can achieve a white with gold appearance on walls with Marmorino Veneziano plaster, which was used as far back as the Roman times.

Creating a Luxury Ambience

Polished plaster is one of the few building materials that evokes a real sense of class and luxury. It has the appearance of polished marble but feels warmer to the touch, helping to mould spaces into something perfect for guests. If your business has a guest area or welcomes customers through its doors, polished plaster is the perfect material for walls and perhaps some other features of your property.

Bars, restaurants, hotels, retail outlets, galleries, office spaces and walkways are prime candidates for polished plaster. Even swimming pools and gyms are ideal candidates, since the plaster is sealed with a wax to make it non-porous.

Lighting also plays a key role in bringing out the beauty of polished plaster. Commercial spaces that make good use of natural and artificial lighting will get the most from polished plaster. Dark, poorly lit areas are not the best candidates.

Polished plaster with Chrysalis

Recently, we worked with the Luis Vuitton store in Leeds to redesign their interior. We used Venetian plaster to change the look of the walls and their texture, giving the store a new, more upmarket ambience than before. In total, we plastered just over 40sq metres of walls and we worked through the night to avoid daytime disruption.

Have a similar project? We are experts in decorative finishes and specialist plastering techniques. If you have a polished plaster project in mind, we’d love to help you. Call us on 0113 269 0592 today to speak to a member of our team about polished plaster.

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