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Could your business benefit from micro cement? Here are four fantastic applications

Micro cement is an interesting material because it mimics the appearance of concrete while being as appliable as a stucco or normal plaster.

Unlike regular cement, micro cement is suitable for both horizontal and vertical applications, so can be applied to walls for a decorative finish. The reason for this is micro cement is a composite coating, based on cement, water-based resins, additives and mineral pigments. These create a more appliable material.

Interior designers have started using micro cement in their projects because it brings a genuine urban, industrial and modern feel to a space. It is also extremely hard-wearing, and no two micro cement applications are exactly the same.

Other functional benefits of micro cement include non-slip properties, and the fact the material is waterproof without an additional coating. This makes it suitable for use outside and in wet areas like shower rooms and bathrooms.

The best micro cement applications are those which would benefit from a certain urban or industrial charm.

Here are a few examples:

Bistros and bars

Bistros and bars serve great food and drink. But really, if we’re honest, it’s the ambience people come back for time and again.

Decorative effects on walls and floors go a long way to giving a space character, and for a lot of bistros and bars, micro cement is perfect, with its grey tone and interesting texture creating a special vibe. No two applications look the same either, so it’s possible to create a different look for each area of a bar.

Wet rooms

Micro cement is naturally non-slip and waterproof. It’s also easy clean with a mild detergent and sponge, and it doesn’t allow mould to grow within its structure.

For wet rooms and other wet areas, we can also add antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties to the micro cement mix. Further anti-skid textures can also be added to floors to improve safety. This makes it a fantastic choice.

Outdoor areas

Micro cement is also a fantastic choice outdoors. It’s a naturally more durable product than standard cement in thin coatings because of its additives. This makes it ideal for pavements, external walls and even on stone arches and columns. The material is long-lasting and won’t crack of chip easily. It looks great for years to come.


Museums see a lot of visitors, so a wall and floor surface that is easy to keep clean is a must. It’s also desirable for the surface not to show marks easily – and it definitely has to be durable enough to withstand punishment.

Micro cement matches all these requirements, with its easy to clean, hard and durable surface. It also makes for a brilliant backdrop to artwork.

Making micro cement work for you

There are plenty more properties suitable for micro cement. The material is universal, so it can be applied on all horizontal and vertical surfaces. It’s also great for feature walls. Contact us to find out more about micro cement applications for your business.

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